Load and Empty the THC Remediation Reactor

by Paul on May 21, 2021

How to Load the SCB-15 THC Remediation Reactor

Loading a THC Remediation system with 100 liters of oil can be a chore.  The SCB-15 has some nice features to make the loading process as painless as possible. 

The THC Remediation system lid is a large, stainless steel piece of technology with lighted viewing window, stirrer and connections.  How’s one supposed to wrangle this big lid?

THC Remediation
SCB-15 THC Remediation System

Undo the lid securing latches and gas springs smoothly lift the lid up and out of the way.   No operator effort required.

THC Remediation Lid Latches
Latches for THC Remediation Lid
THC Remediation Lid in Up Position
Raising and Lowering the THC Remediation Reactor Lid

Pull the reactor position pin and the whole reactor gently pivots forward for easy access.  The inside of the reactor is graduated for convenience.

SCB-15 THC Remediation System
THC Remediation System with Reactor Tilted Forward

5 gallon buckets (20 liters) of extract, distillate or mother liquor can be easily poured into the reactor. 

Once all the material is loaded, tilt the reactor back to the vertical position and replace the reactor position pin.

Place the stirrer in the reactor and connect to the drive shaft with and simple quick connection.

THC Remediation System Stirring Paddle Connection
Easy On/Off Stirring Paddle Connection to Stirrer Shaft

Lower the reactor lid and fasten the lid latches.  There is a switch that detects if the reactor lid is in the closed position.  If the lid is not in the secured position, the controller will not allow the process to be started. 

The reactor is now ready for to remediate your material.  Just press start to begin.

How to Empty the THC Remediation Reactor

About 24 hours after starting, remediation is complete. Your high value remediated extract, distillate or mother liquor is ready for collection. 

The reactor is positioned high enough that a 5-gallon (20 liter) bucket comfortably fits under the reactor drain valve.   Open the valve and remediated material will readily flow into a bucket or other container placed underneath it.  Once the reactor is empty, run a clean cycle and the system is ready to remediate the next batch.

Bucket Under THC Remediation Reactor Drain Valve
Bucket Ready to Receive Remediated Oil from Reactor Drain Valve

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