Spinning Band Distillation – High Purity THC Distillate

by Paul on November 5, 2018

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Spinning band distillation can produce distillate with very high THC/CBD concentrations.  Over 90% THC concentration is typical for a first pass. Some customers are routinely producing 98%+ cannabinoid distillates!

How does the spinning band do it?

Spinning Band Distillation Illustration

Distillation separates components by their boiling points.  This is commonly referred to as the “efficiency” of a distillation column.  The more efficient a distillation column the better it is as separating components.

Vapors go up the distillation column from the boiling flask, and at the same time liquid that has condensed is coming back down the distillation column.

Contact between the ascending vapors and the descending condensate concentrates the lower boiling component in the vapor.  More contact between liquid and vapor means a better separation.

The spinning band creates the highest amount of vapor-liquid contact by rotating the band at several thousand rpm inside the distillation column.  The action of the spinning band forces the vapor into contact with the liquid on the surface of the distillation column, refreshing it with every rotation.   The spinning band helix simultaneously pumps excess liquid into the boiling flask.

The combination of these features make the spinning distillation system highly efficient and capable of producing high THC and CBD distillates.

Potency Profile 1

Potency Profile 2

HPLC Chromatogram

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  • What is the pricing and availability of your Mini Distillation system?


    Dave Callan

  • Hello :),

    what kind of temperatures, vacuum and spinning band rotation speed would you prefer for spinning band distillation to get a high purity from delta9THC or CBD out of cruide cannabis extract?

    Would you evacuate the spinning band system with nitrogen or argon, before distillate the cruide cannabis extract to prevent degradation from delta 9 THC to CBN or delta 8 THC?

    Thank you in advance for your answer

  • Interested in learning more about your spinning distillation product and cost and use
    I produce various products, eg . Vape carts, RSO, Tinctures

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