NIR Monitoring of THC Remediation

by Luke on April 27, 2021

THC Remediation is naturally a very important topic. For legal and medicinal reasons, CBD products should contain very little to no THC. However, separating THC from CBD takes a fair amount of work. This is because the two are very similar on a molecular level.

One way to be sure that THC has been remediated to levels below 0.1% is by monitoring the process with a NIR spectrometer. THC Remediation can be monitored with a NIR probe mounted directly in the reaction chamber.

Near Infrared Immersion Probe for THC and CBD
Immersion Probe for Real Time THC and CBD Measurement by Near Infrared

NIR is capable of measuring even low levels of THC in real time. Instant analysis prevents you from over or under processing your hemp products. No sample prep required.

And it is not just THC remediation! Other cannabinoids can be monitored. Contact us about cannabinoids you want to monitor by NIR.

THC Remediation
SCB-15 THC Remediation System

Near Infrared spectroscopy measures the unique absorption of NIR light by the different functional groups of cannabinoids, terpenes, waxes, fats and other compounds. Chemometrics can instantly analyze spectra to measure the concentration of these compounds in real time. This is a powerful tool for real time optimization of cannabis/hemp extraction, conversion of CBD to D8, decarboxylation, and THC remediation.

NIR Spectra of total cannabinoids from CO2 Extractions
NIR Spectra of THC Remediation

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