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Process For this THC remediation case study, we started with 40 kg of un-winterized, non-decarbed CO2 extract. We heated the material overnight using heat blankets to liquefy the extract for easy pouring. There was a significant amount of water mixed with this batch of extract. We raised the reactor lid and tilted the reactor forward […]

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B/R’s THC Remediation SCB-15 has several advanced safety features to provide you with peace of mind. Reactor Lid Sensor Your operator will almost always remember to fasten the reactor lid closed before starting the remediation process. But what if they forgot? We’ve got you covered. The reactor lid has a sensor that detects when the […]

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The software driving automated THC Remediation can make a huge difference in the safety, operation and traceability. Operating Parameters for your starting material The touch screen prompts the operator for starting material, weight, material type, and cannabinoid profile. This information is used to determine the optimum parameters for your starting material. The information also provides […]

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Cold Trap During remediation, unwanted contaminants such as residual solvent, water, and terpenes are stripped from the oil and captured by the cold trap.   The weight loss from the removal of these contaminants will depend on the number of contaminants in the starting material.  About half the THC and some CBD also are captured by […]

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How to Load the SCB-15 THC Remediation Reactor Loading a THC Remediation system with 100 liters of oil can be a chore.  The SCB-15 has some nice features to make the loading process as painless as possible.  The THC Remediation system lid is a large, stainless steel piece of technology with lighted viewing window, stirrer […]

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The SCB-15 THC Remediation System uses a dynamic combination of heat, vacuum, and pressure to make a low THC or THC Free CBD oil or CBG Oil.  The remediation process uses zero solvent. THC Remediation Process The SCB-15’s ergonomic design makes loading the reactor and unloading as fast and easy as possible. Just push start, […]

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B/R’s SCB-15 THC Remediation System is very flexible. It can remediate a variety of starting materials. CBD – CBG B/R developed the remediation system with CBD in mind. When CBG became popular, parameters were optimized for CBG-rich extracts and distillates. Now, you can make CBD and CBG oils that are low-THC and non-detect THC. Winterized vs Non-Winterized Crude […]

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CBD products are marketed with low THC content (Low T CBD) or no THC content (T Free CBD). However, removing the psychoactive THC from the CBD can be a challenge. THC remediation involves the removal or degradation of unwanted THC from CBD. Delayed monitoring is most commonly used when a sample is collected, diluted, and then […]

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THC Remediation is naturally a very important topic. For legal and medicinal reasons, CBD products should contain very little to no THC. However, separating THC from CBD takes a fair amount of work. This is because the two are very similar on a molecular level. One way to be sure that THC has been remediated […]

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Consumers are attracted to the purported health benefits of CBD but understand that THC naturally occurs in hemp along with other minor cannabinoids. They do not want to consume THC because they don’t want the “high” the comes along with THC or they don’t want to possibly test positive for THC in a work drug screening. […]

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