THC Remediation

by B/R Instrument

Highly software driven THC remediation system. This system is capable of large throughput, with minimal consumable cost, low operating cost, and a simple one day install.

  • Crude Extract, CBD or CBG
    • Non-Winterized or Winterized
    • Non-Decarbed or Decarbed
  • Distillate, CBD or CBG
  • Mother Liquor
  • 30-100 Liters per Batch
  • No Solvents Used
  • Fast Runtime per Load (12-24 hours typical)
  • Automatic Operation by Entry Level Operator
  • Keep Much of the Minor Cannabinoids
Loss Rates
  • 5-10% CBD Loss

Up to 100 Liters

THC Remediation SCB-15
  • 240 VAC
  • 50 AMP Circuit
  • Two NEMA 6-50 Outlets
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