THC Removal

Highly software driven THC remediation system. This system is capable of large throughput, with minimal consumable cost, low operating cost, and a simple one day install.


  • Winterized & Decarbed Crude or First Pass Distillate
  • Ideal Cannabinoid Potency: High 60’s – High 70’s
  • Ideal THC ranges under 7%. Sweet Spot 1-3%
  • 40 Liters at a time
  • 70 Liters at a time


  • Minor Cannabinoids Stay Intact
  • Fast Runtime per Load* Normally 12 – 24 hours
  • No Solvents Used
  • Operational Expertise can be Entry Level Employees
  • Full Customer Support
  • Install + Training Included Through First Completed Run
  • Can Maintain Whole Plant Philosophy If Desired.

Loss Rates

  • ~15% Cannabinoid Loss (including all Delta 9 THC)
  • ~5% Volume Loss
  • 240 Volts
  • 30 AMP Circuit
  • NEMA L14-30R
  • Ultra Reliable WiFi & or Ethernet required onsite 24/7

How does the system work?

Answer Alice, our A.I. Chemist’s questions
Put at least 40L into the main vessel
Periodically test the material
Empty the vessel and enjoy THC free oil
Follow the clean in place procedure
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