Hemp and Cannabis Processing

High purity cannabinoids are the name of our game. Whether you are looking to produce THC, CBD, CBG, or others, B/R Instrument can help with every step after the harvest of your biomass. Remember extraction is only the beginning! Let us help you create the most refined oil on the market with our start to finish process.

Isolate pure CBD or CBG quickly and efficiently. Remove THC to non-detect levels!
Remove fats and waxes from your extracted crude. Efficient, modular, and reusable filters!
Spinning Band Distillation
Separate your cannabinoids to high purity in a single pass. Software and automation included.
THC Remediation
Selectively remove THC from your full-spectrum extract to create legal and compliant hemp products. Minor cannabinoids stay In tact!
Liquid-Liquid Extraction
Extract water soluble compounds from your crude or distillate. Increase your purity, color, and shelf-life.
Decarbing is required for some processing steps to occur. Strip light terpenes simultaneously to streamline your lab.
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