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Industry Leader in Laboratory Distillation Equipment

For this THC remediation case study the starting material was 40 kg of unwinterized, non-decarbed CO2 extract. The material was heated overnight using heat blankets to liquify the extract for easy pouring. There was a significant amount of water mixed with this batch of extract. The reactor lid was raised and the reactor tilted forward […]

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Remediation Will Not Start if Reactor Lid is not Closed Of course the operator will remember to fasten the reactor lid closed before starting the remediation process. But what if they forgot? We’ve got you covered. The reactor lid has a sensor that detects when the lid is closed.  If the sensor doesn’t detect closure, […]

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The software driving automated THC Remediation can make a huge difference in the safety, operation and traceability. Operating Parameters for your starting material. The touch screen prompts the operator for starting material, weight, material type, and cannabinoid profile. This information is used to determine the optimum parameters for your starting material. The information also provides […]

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Cold trap During remediation, unwanted contaminants such as residual solvent, water and terpenes are stripped from the oil and captured by the cold trap.   The weight loss from removal of these contaminants will depend on the amount of contaminants in the starting material.  About half the THC and some CBD also are captured by the […]

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How to Load the SCB-15 THC Remediation Reactor Loading a THC Remediation system with 100 liters of oil can be a chore.  The SCB-15 has some nice features to make the loading process as painless as possible.  The THC Remediation system lid is a large, stainless steel piece of technology with lighted viewing window, stirrer […]

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With the explosion in popularity of Delta-8 THC, many different methods of creating a legal D8 product came about. Nearly all SOPs in use employ an acid to convert CBD to Delta-8 THC.  One thing all methods have in common is that Delta 9 THC is an intermediate product. This becomes one of the trickiest […]

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Before you read this very cool hack please understand that there are more than a few ways this can go wrong.  This blog post does not purport address all the possible safety concerns associated with its use.  Consult your safety officer for full professional guidance. High purity THC/CBD distillate will be very viscous. If it […]

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Preparation of Crude Extract for Spinning Band Distillation

Various types of crude cannabis extract can be successfully distilled into high purity cannabinoid distillate. With that in mind, it’s critical that the crude always be properly prepared prior to a vacuum distillation process. Depending on the type of extract being distilled, this can include one or more post-extraction steps, such as:   Rough particulate […]

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4 pitfalls of carbon scrubbing of cannabis extract

Carbon scrubs and other filter media for cannabis oil extracts Carbon scrubs can be used to remove color from cannabis oil extract and THC distillate.  Other materials are also used as filter media such as diatomaceous earth, fullers earth, bentonite, kaolinite and alumina silicate. While filter media may remove color from cannabinoids, it may also […]

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Cannabinoid Distillation – What Comes Out of the Spinning Band System?

Spinning band distillation separates the cannabis oil extract according to the boiling points of the components. Mono-terpenes have the lowest boiling points, so they are collected first.  They can be found in the cold trap receiver due to their low boiling points. Residual ethanol is collected next in the fraction collector followed by the higher […]

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