THC Remediation Safety Features: SCB-15

by Paul on June 4, 2021

B/R’s THC Remediation SCB-15 has several advanced safety features to provide you with peace of mind.

Reactor Lid Sensor

Your operator will almost always remember to fasten the reactor lid closed before starting the remediation process. But what if they forgot? We’ve got you covered.

The reactor lid has a sensor that detects when the lid is closed. The remediation process won’t start until the sensor detects closure.

THC Remediation Lid Latches
Latches for THC Remediation Lid

Startup Safety/Setup Reminders

The touch screen guides the operator through the start-up of the remediation process. The operator needs to confirm step by step that the equipment is set up correctly so the unit can proceed with remediation safely and correctly. This is particularly useful for preventing mistakes for operators new to the equipment or for operators who have not run the remediation system in a while.

Pre-Fill Safety Checks
Pre-Fill Safety Reminders
Pre-Run Safety Reminders 1
Pre-Run Safety Reminders

Safety Monitoring

The remediation system is fitted with sensors to automatically monitor and control the remediation process, and make sure that measurements are within safe ranges. If a parameter falls outside the safe range, the unit halts the process. Then, the touch screen displays warnings and sounds an audible alarm. Once the problem is corrected, the unit will continue remediation. This feature allows the equipment to operate unattended overnight with complete confidence.

Parameters monitored by the remediation system sensors include vacuum, pressure, reactor temperature, cold trap temperature, reactor weight, reactor lid position, and more. 

Emergency Stop Button

Need to stop in a hurry? Push the big red stop button on the front panel. The unit will immediately stop the remediation process.

THC Remediation Emergency Stop Button
Red Emergency Stop Button

Pressure Relief Valve

Each reactor has a pressure relief valve on top. In the unlikely event of a pressure build-up, the relief valve will let off the excess pressure to prevent an unsafe situation. Also, the pressure relief valve has a shield around it so that if activated, the valve will not vent in the direction of an operator.

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