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With the explosion in popularity of Delta-8 THC, many different methods of creating a legal D8 product came about. Nearly all SOPs in use employ an acid to convert CBD to Delta-8 THC.  One thing all methods have in common is that Delta 9 THC is an intermediate product. This becomes one of the trickiest […]

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The SCB-15 THC Remediation System uses a dynamic combination of heat, vacuum, and pressure to make a low THC or THC Free CBD oil or CBG Oil.  The remediation process uses zero solvent. THC Remediation Process The SCB-15’s ergonomic design makes loading the reactor and unloading as fast and easy as possible. Just push start, […]

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B/R’s SCB-15 THC Remediation System is very flexible. It can remediate a variety of starting materials. CBD – CBG B/R developed the remediation system with CBD in mind. When CBG became popular, parameters were optimized for CBG-rich extracts and distillates. Now, you can make CBD and CBG oils that are low-THC and non-detect THC. Winterized vs Non-Winterized Crude […]

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CBD products are marketed with low THC content (Low T CBD) or no THC content (T Free CBD). However, removing the psychoactive THC from the CBD can be a challenge. THC remediation involves the removal or degradation of unwanted THC from CBD. Delayed monitoring is most commonly used when a sample is collected, diluted, and then […]

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Curious about Near Infrared THC/CBD Measurement? Read on to learn the basics. Near Infrared Near Infrared or NIR light is in the 700 to 2500 nm range.  Various chemical bonds such as N-H, C-H, O-H absorb different wavelengths and amounts of NIR.  These absorption peaks can be used to measure the concentration of a particular […]

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THC Remediation is naturally a very important topic. For legal and medicinal reasons, CBD products should contain very little to no THC. However, separating THC from CBD takes a fair amount of work. This is because the two are very similar on a molecular level. One way to be sure that THC has been remediated […]

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Consumers are attracted to the purported health benefits of CBD but understand that THC naturally occurs in hemp along with other minor cannabinoids. They do not want to consume THC because they don’t want the “high” the comes along with THC or they don’t want to possibly test positive for THC in a work drug screening. […]

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A Cadiot Distillation Column is also known as a Spinning Band distillation column. One application of Cadiot distillation is for wine analysis, specifically the detection of tampering during wine production.  Isotopic Ratios in Wine Analysis The isotopic ratios of hydrogen and oxygen atoms in ethanol indicate if watering and illegal addition of sugars have happened […]

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GMP asks the question: How do we know that the distillation equipment is operating correctly? A well designed set of GMP documents will ensure that all aspects of the equipment are installed, operating and performing correctly along with supporting documents. This assurance gives us confidence that the distillates made by the distillation system are consistently […]

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Water-solubles in your distillate can gum up the works. Along with reducing your potency, they cause color in the final product and leave behind sludgy residue when distilling. Most extractions bring some water-soluble components into the extract. These components come from the cells in the plant. Even butane or CO2 extractions can pull some. With […]

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