THC Remediation: How does it work?

by Paul on May 15, 2021

The SCB-15 THC Remediation System uses a dynamic combination of heat, vacuum, and pressure to make a low THC or THC Free CBD oil or CBG Oil.  The remediation process uses zero solvent.

THC Remediation Process

The SCB-15’s ergonomic design makes loading the reactor and unloading as fast and easy as possible.

Just push start, select your starting material type on the touch screen, and review the setup and safety reminders. After that, the SCB-15 automatically runs the remediation process without operator intervention or attention. The equipment sensors monitor the process and will alert the operator if any attention is needed.

The remediation process typically takes 24 hours and alerts the operator when the process is finished. The operator will then sample and test the THC level with NIR or HPLC to confirm the THC is at the desired level or is THC Free. If more remediation is needed, the operator can extend the remediation.

THC Remediation
SCB-15 THC Remediation System

Where does the THC go and how much CBD is lost

About half the THC is captured by the cold trap. The other half is converted to CBN.

The average CBD loss is in the 5-10% range.  The CBD that is lost ends up in the cold trap receiver.

The minor cannabinoid concentration will be reduced by about half. 

Material Losses

The cold trap captures terpenes, water, and residual solvents along with some THC and CBD.

If cannabinoids are in the acid form in the starting material (e.g. THC-a, CBD-a), they will decarb during remediation. CO2 loss from the acid group will create some loss of weight.

Transfer losses during the loading and unloading of the reactor are unavoidable. However, they can be minimized if the operator heats the starting material before loading and uses scrappers to reduce the loss of material on loading buckets and reactor surfaces.

Can Delta 9 THC be Remediated from Delta 8 THC?

The answer is yes. Delta 9 THC can be remediated from a Delta 8 THC-rich mixture.

However, nearly half the Delta 8 will also be removed/degraded in the process.  While it is technically possible it is not commercially viable at this point. 

Labeled THC Remediation

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