Instant THC and CBD Potency in Edibles by Near Infrared (NIR)

by Paul on August 14, 2021

Measuring CBD and THC in edibles such as gummies is time consuming and error prone. The most common method is to dissolve the edible in a solvent followed by HPLC analysis. Getting the gummy dissolved is a pain and running the HPLC takes time and an experienced operator.

Near Infrared analyzers (a.k.a. The Gummy Gun) can instantly analyze gummies, edibles, tablets, vape juice and the like for THC potency, CBD potency and more.

Instant THC and CBD Potency with Near Infrared
Gummy Gun – Instant THC and CBD Potency in Edibles

When shinning Near Infrared (NIR) light on an edible, THC and CBD absorb and refract an amount of NIR light proportional to their concentrations in specific regions of the NIR spectra. Chemometrics instantly determines the potency of the cannabinoids of interest. Once calibrated, no sample prep or HPLC is required. An entry level employee can perform the test.

THC - CBD NIR Spectra

The NIR gummy gun can be set up so that it verifies the cannabinoid concentration of each and every edible as it comes off the production line.

Only testing the occasional edible by HPLC risks missing off spec ones that are not tested.

100% testing of all edibles gives you complete confidence that every item being shipped to consumers is in compliance. Out of spec product is immediately detected and flagged for removal before it leaves the production line.

NIR can also detect incomplete homogenization of ingredients. Early detection of under or over blending prevents shipping of products with inconsistent THC or CBD content and gives an early warning of production problems.

Besides edibles, NIR is used to measure THC, CBD, moister and other cannabinoids in flower.

Other applications of NIR for cannabinoids include monitoring of THC remediation of crude extracts, monitoring of decarboxylation of THC and CBD, extraction monitoring and conversion monitoring of CBD to delta8 THC.

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