B/R Solvent Recyclers, Safe Recycling since 1986

by Paul on August 9, 2021

B/R Instrument has been making recyclers for histology solvents since 1986. Each new generation of recycler presents opportunities for additional layers of safety. Here are some of the safety features or the ProCycler and MiniProCycler series.

Safety Reminders

When starting a solvent recycling batch the operator will be prompted with safety reminders which ensure that the distillation system is correctly configured.  The operator must confirm each safety question before recycling can begin. These are particularly helpful for operators new to solvent recycling and those who may not have run the recycler for awhile.

Safety Questions for Solvent Recycler
Start Up Safety Reminders

Recycling Safely Contained in Metal

During distillation, the solvent to be recycled and its vapors are completely contained in the sturdy metal construction.  The solvent vapor moves from the thick stainless steel boiler to the thick stainless steel distillation column.  The solvent vapor then goes to the metal condenser which converts the vapor to a liquid.  The cool, recycled liquid solvent is collected in a carboy and the recycled solvent temperature are cool (nearly room temperature). 

The metal distillation system is enclosed in an aluminum cabinet with the option of doors.  This adds another layer of separation between the operator and recycling.

Metal solvent recycler for safety
Solvent Recycler Made of Metal

Vapor Sensor

As if there were not already enough safety features, every B/R solvent recycler includes a vapor sensor with adjustable trip point.  If the background vapor level in the lab ever rises above the trip point, the recycler will go to a safe, paused mode and sound an audible alarm.  Another layer of safety.

vapor sensor for solvent recycler

Earthquake Sensor

For those working in earthquake prone areas, there is also a built in earthquake sensor.  If an earth quake is detected, the recycler will go to a safe, paused mode and sound an audible alarm. 

Earthquake sensor for solvent recyclers

UL and CE

B/R solvent recyclers are CE marked. They also comply with UL 2208 Standard for Solvent Distillation Units and UL 61010-1 Safety Requirements for Measurement, Control and Laboratory Use – Part 1

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