Near Infrared THC/CBD Measurement Introduction

by Paul on April 28, 2021

Near Infrared or NIR light is in the 700 to 2500 nm range.  Various chemical bonds such as N-H, C-H, O-H absorb different wavelengths and amounts of NIR.  These absorption peaks can be used measure the concentration of a particular chemical. 

THC - CBD NIR Spectra
NIR Spectra of THC, CBD and Other Cannabinoids

To accurately measure the concentration of a chemical, a series of NIR spectra need to be taken on samples with known quantities of the chemical.  The data is processed and chemometrics are used to build a model.  The model is then used to accurately measure the amount of the chemical in unknown samples.  

Measurements can be taken at a rate of up to 10 per second.   The B/R NIR is immune to vibration and ambient light.  A real time dual beam reference eliminates drift and gives excellent wavelength repeatability. 

NIR can be used for liquids, solids and gases. Biomass, flower, edibles, extract, distillate and oils can all be analyzed. Components that can be measure include THC, THCa, CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBGa, CBN, CBNa, minor cannabinoids, moisture, terpenes, waxes, fats, residual solvents and many more.

There are several types of NIR configurations. One is used to measure THC and CBD for Edibles, dabs or flower. Test 100% of your product as they come off the production line. Assure quality and find problems before they leave the factory.

Instant THC and CBD Potency with Near Infrared
Gummy Gun – Instant THC and CBD Potency

Another type is a probe that can be mounted so that the measuring probe is immersed in the sample for monitoring process such as THC remediation, decarboxylation, and conversion of CBD to D8 THC. Monitor process in real time for improved process control.

Monitor CBD and THC processes with Near Infrared
Monitor THC remediation, decarbing and CBD to D8 THC conversion with Near Infrared

A third type is a flow cell where sample continuously flows through the flow cell where the NIR spectra are taken for applications like extraction of THC and CBD from biomass. Monitor the cannabinoid profile in real time for improved process control.

Flow Cell for Real Time Near Infrared Measurement
Near Infrared Flow Cell

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