THC Remediation: What kind of starting materials can I remediate?

by Paul on May 11, 2021

B/R’s SCB-15 THC Remediation System is very flexible. It can remediate a variety of starting materials.


B/R developed the remediation system with CBD in mind. When CBG became popular, parameters were optimized for CBG-rich extracts and distillates. Now, you can make CBD and CBG oils that are low-THC and non-detect THC.

Winterized vs Non-Winterized Crude Extract

You do not need to winterize crude extract. The SCB-15 can handle both winterized and non-winterized crude extracts. Your final use of the remediated product determines whether you should or should not winterize the crude extract.  

Winterized Crude Extract
Winterizing Crude Extract

Decarbed vs Non-Decarbed Crude Extract

Your crude extract can be either decarbed on non-decarbed. The remediation process heat will naturally decarb any CBD-a, CBG-a or THC-a present along with the acid form of any minor cannabinoids. Therefore, there is no need for a separate decarbing step.

CBD Crude Extract THC Remediation
THC Remediation Results


You can remediate CBD and CBG distillate. However, keep in mind that distillate will darken during the remediation process.

CBD Distillate THC Remediation
THC Remediation Results

Mother Liquor

Mother liquor from making isolate is rich in CBD that did not crystalize but also is high in THC. Turns out it remediates wonderfully, allowing the valuable CBD to be recovered and THC removed. 

Mother Liquor THC Remediation
THC Remediation Results

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