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Industry Leader in Laboratory Distillation Equipment

B/R Instrument has been making recyclers for histology solvents since 1986. Each new generation of recycler presents opportunities for additional layers of safety. Here are some of the safety features or the ProCycler and MiniProCycler series. Safety Reminders When starting a solvent recycling batch the operator will be prompted with safety reminders which ensure that […]

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Imagine a solvent recycler that reminds the operator of important safety tasks, is easy to operate and uses the latest technology to improve trouble shooting. The ProCycler/MiniProCycler solvent recyclers include all this and more. Safety Reminders When starting a solvent recycling batch the operator will be prompted with safety reminders which ensure that the distillation […]

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Solvent recovery is an essential part of any hemp or cannabis lab. Whether you extract with a liquid solvent or winterize, you will need a method of bulk recovery.   Not to be confused with solvent recycling, solvent recovery is the process of removing the vast majority or all of the solvent in your crude […]

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Is Solvent Recycling A Lot Of Work?

If you have 5 minutes a day, you have enough time to recycle your solvents. That may sound like an exaggeration but recycling doesn’t take much time. A B/R recycler does most of the work for you. You just need to give it solvent to recycle, push the start button and….that’s it. The recycler does […]

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How Pure Are Recycled Solvents?

The recycled purity can depend a lot on the recycler being used. With a B/R recycler you can expect high purity recycled solvents. The table below shows typical purity and concentrations. A manufacturer should be willing to guarantee the recycled product purity and concentration in writing. Not only should the purity be high but the […]

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How Much Space Does A Solvent Recycler Take Up?

Q: Our lab is already crowded. Does a recycler take up much space? Space is always in short supply. Choose a “space efficient” recycler and you are on your way to saving. Every recycler has a set of written installation requirements. That gives details about what a suitable space is. These requirements are there to […]

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5 Reasons To Recycle Solvents

Q: I’ve heard that a lot of histology labs are recycling their xylene, alcohol and formalin. What are some reasons to recycle solvents? Don’t throw it away! Just clean it! You wouldn’t throw your car away just because it got dirty. The same is true for used solvents…they are just dirty. Don’t throw them away. […]

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What utilities do I need to operate solvent recycling equipment?

Q: My old recycler needed water and a drain. Do today’s recyclers need a water hook up? No, you don’t need a water hook up or drain. Older solvent recyclers worked great but used condensers cooled by water. Today’s solvent recyclers use condensers cooled by air. So no water or drain is required. Q: Does […]

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How many times can I recycle a solvent?

A B/R recycler can recycle a solvent forever! Solvents used for tissue processing or staining becomes contaminated with stain, water, fat, protein, wax, and biological materials during use. The recycling process removes these contaminants from the good solvent. Reuse of the solvent is unlimited since it is brought back to the original purity each time […]

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Do filter based solvent recyclers work?

Q: Do filter based recyclers work? Yes and no….mostly no. There are commercial filter recyclers available for alcohol and formalin. There are no filter recyclers for xylene on the market. Alcohol – What does a filter recycler do? With use, the alcohol concentration gradually gets weaker due to water absorbed from the tissue and carry […]

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