How many times can I recycle a solvent?

by brblog on July 17, 2019

A B/R recycler can recycle a solvent forever!

Solvents used for tissue processing or staining becomes contaminated with stain, water, fat, protein, wax, and biological materials during use.

The recycling process removes these contaminants from the good solvent. Reuse of the solvent is unlimited since it is brought back to the original purity each time it is recycled.

B/R recyclers remove all of the contaminants during the recycling process. A high quality fractional distillation column can separate the contaminants from the good solvent. The touch screen controller automates the process so that you press start and walk away.

9700 ProCycler Xylene

Each time you recycle a solvent, the contaminants should be completely removed and the clean solvent is put back into use. This allows you recycle and reuse your solvents indefinitely.

Recycle your xylene, alcohol, formalin and xylene substitutes.

Choose a solvent recycler that comes with a guarantee that you can recycle your solvents forever. If you see a recycler that does not come with a guarantee, you will want to keep looking.

Stan Purity
Recycled Solvent Purity is Guaranteed by B/R

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