How Pure Are Recycled Solvents?

by brblog on July 21, 2019

The recycled purity can depend a lot on the recycler being used.

With a B/R recycler you can expect high purity recycled solvents. The table below shows typical purity and concentrations.

Purity Table

A manufacturer should be willing to guarantee the recycled product purity and concentration in writing.

Not only should the purity be high but the concentration should be consistent from batch to batch.

Q: How does a recycler make high purity solvents?

The most important design element is a high quality distillation column.

The distillation column is the device that actually separates the contaminants from the good solvent. A high quality distillation column will yield high quality solvents.

Below is a comparison of a low quality distillation column to a high quality distillation column.

Which distillation column would you prefer?

Pretty obvious, isn’t it?

Recycled Solvent Comparison

On the Left

Column Packing – rusty nails

Solvent quality – generally poor

Concentration – inconsistent from batch to batch.

On the Right

Column Packing– highly engineered material made from stainless steel (No rusting).

Solvent quality – Always very high.

Concentration – very consistent from batch to batch.

Stan Purity

Another important factor for producing pure recycled solvents is a good recycling controller. The B/R touch screen controller was introduced in 2017 and is our 6th generation controller since 1986. B/R has applied advancements in technology over the years to improve the solvent recycling process. The large touch screen makes solvent recycling as easy as using a mobile phone. Layers of safety features such as temperature and vapor sensors keep constant watch on the solvent recycling process, making sure all parameters are within safe ranges. Any out of range parameter will cause the system to automatically shut down and alert the operator. Built in WiFi allows remote access to the recycler logs.

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