5 Reasons To Recycle Solvents

by brblog on July 19, 2019

Q: I’ve heard that a lot of histology labs are recycling their xylene, alcohol and formalin. What are some reasons to recycle solvents?

Don’t throw it away!

Just clean it!

You wouldn’t throw your car away just because it got dirty. The same is true for used solvents…they are just dirty. Don’t throw them away. Recycling removes the dirt (contaminants) and makes them just like new. Use recycled solvents over and over again. The savings accumulates.

What lab can’t use more money!


Money not spent on solvents is available to upgrade other equipment in the lab or for much needed supplies. Wouldn’t it be great if money used to buy solvents could be used for a new tissue processor, stainer or microtome? Start recycling your solvents and then you’ll need to decide to do with that extra money in your budget. When was the last time that happened?

Reduce Health Care Costs


Here’s a chance to reduce health care costs without cutting corners. You’ll have the same quality solvents and be giving the same quality diagnoses.

It’s great for the environment.

Used solvents get hauled to a hazardous waste incinerator and burned. Recycling solvents reduces carbon dioxide emissions and hazardous waste. Generations to come will thank you for leaving the world a better place.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Recycling feels good!

No matter what else happens, you’ll feel good every day because you are reducing healthcare costs, hazardous waste generation and carbon dioxide emissions.

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