How Much Space Does A Solvent Recycler Take Up?

by brblog on July 20, 2019

Q: Our lab is already crowded. Does a recycler take up much space?

Space is always in short supply. Choose a “space efficient” recycler and you are on your way to saving.

Every recycler has a set of written installation requirements. That gives details about what a suitable space is. These requirements are there to ensure safe operation of your recycler. Pay attention to room temperature requirements. Some recyclers require a room maintained below 72 F (22 C) in order for their recycler to operate safely. Consider requirements for ventilation space that must be left around a recycler. These factors affect the safe operation of the recycler as well as the amount of space required.

Look at the Total Footprint Required.

The Total Footprint is all of the space that the recycler will need for safe operation.

Laboratory Blueprint

To minimize space, choose a recycler with

  • Small footprint
  • Only requires access from the front
  • Does not require additional “ventilation space” around the unit

Below is an example of a recycler with a small Total Footprint. Notice that it is flush up against the wall and has furniture on both sides. It can be placed in this small space because it doesn’t require additional “ventilation space” around it. You’ll also notice that it can be completely operated from the front. No side or rear access is required for operation

Recycler with a small Footprint
Choose a “Mini Recycler” for more space savings

Smaller 8-10 liter mini recyclers have even more options for placement. A mini recycler has the flexibility of being operated as a floor or a bench top recycler. The more choices you have for placement, the quicker you’ll find a place for your recycler.

Mini Recycler
Save lots of space – don’t put the recycler in the lab

Save space by placing the recycler in a location other than the lab. If you chose a “rugged recycler”, it only needs a roof overhead and a standard electrical connection.

Rugged recyclers are designed to operate safely without air conditioning in hot weather and without heating in cold weather.

Our recyclers have been installed in basements, closets, loading docks, outbuildings and other imaginative locations. All that is needed is a roof overhead and a power outlet. You get recycled solvents but don’t lose an inch of lab space.

As a bonus, sometimes facilities or EH/S (Environmental Health and Safety) will even operate the distillation system for you.

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