What utilities do I need to operate solvent recycling equipment?

by brblog on July 18, 2019

Q: My old recycler needed water and a drain. Do today’s recyclers need a water hook up?

No, you don’t need a water hook up or drain.

No Water Faucet Sign

Older solvent recyclers worked great but used condensers cooled by water.

Today’s solvent recyclers use condensers cooled by air. So no water or drain is required.

Cooling Coil

Q: Does air cooling the condenser work?

Yes, but some designs work better than others.

Look for a recycler that will cool recycled solvents back to room temperature.

Room temperature solvent is safer than hot solvent!

Room temperature solvents are safe to handle and do not give off excess vapors.

Avoid recyclers that don’t cool recycled solvents back to room temperature. They have weak cooling fans or inadequate condenser design.

B/R recyclers cool recycled solvent back to room

Q: What else does a recycler need?

  • A recycler needs a standard electrical power source (power outlet). Labs typically have plenty of power outlets available. Your recycler should come with the correct power plug type that matches your local needs. The most common types are US, Euro, UK, India and China style power plugs.
  • A recycler needs a space. We’ve done a whole separate post on the subject of where and where not to place a solvent recycler. In short, we recommend that you choose a recycler that has a very small foot print. If you choose a “rugged recycler” you can place it in other locations besides the lab.
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