Crystallization of Cannabinoids - Remove THC

The B/R Instrument Stainless Steel reactor was designed to crystallize high purity CBD and CBG from broad spectrum cannabinoid distillate. The entirely stainless steel construction is food grade, safe, and guarantees a tool that will outlast the competition.

The system is simple and efficient allowing for clean in place (CIP) and rapid turnover. The crystals and liquid are separated in the reactor allowing for quick removal of the isolate from the vessel. No need to scrape or scoop solvent covered crystals!

Start Making Isolate Immediately

The jacketed reactors are turn key and ready to be operated with:

  • Circulating bath
  • Overhead stirrer
  • Vacuum pump
  • Condenser
  • Temperature probes
  • Sight glasses

Check out our blog for more info on crystallization and other topics!

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