Spinning Band Distillation

Refine cannabinoids from your crude cannabis extracts with the B/R Instrument 9200 Cannabis Oil Distillation System. The 9200 CODS offers single pass separation by removing terpenes, waxes, and other undesirable compounds to create the most potent oil on the market.

  • Single pass Unrivaled purity in a single distillation. Accomplish what it takes other systems 3 or more distillations to do.
  • Throughput Systems with up to 0.5-3.6 L/hr.
  • Potency Up to 90-95% Total Active Cannabinoids on first pass.
  • Software/Remote Viewing Save, record, and view your run parameters with the only integrated distillation software available.
  • GMP Documents Full set of GMP documents available. IQ, OQ, PQ, FAT, SAT and more

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  • PC & automatic controller
  • Spinning Band type
  • Boiler and flask size
  • Cold trap
  • Fraction collector
  • Vacuum operation
  • Condenser
  • Condenser bath
  • Automatic control of the entire distillation process
  • Teflon Band
  • 1, 2, 3, 5, 12, 22, and 50 Liters
  • 3 Stage Stainless Steel Cold Trap
  • Four 1-Liter, 9-Liter, or 19-Liter
  • 100 - 0.01 Torr
  • Inner Coil and Outer Jacket
  • -20℃ to 100℃
  • 21 mm and 32 mm
  • 30 cm
  • Vacuum Jacket and Silver "Mirror"
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Crystalization Product 5
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