Fractional Distillation and Solvent Recycling

by brblog on July 5, 2019

If you need consistent, high-quality recycled solvents, you need fractional distillation. Fractional distillation is a technique used to purify solvents, chemicals, natural products, petroleum, biodiesel, crude oil, and other materials.

The good solvent and the contaminants have different boiling points. By paying attention to the boiling point (vapor temperature) you can separate the good (clean solvent) from the bad (contaminants).

Here is an example of the fractional distillation of xylene.

Xylene Pamphlet

What to Choose in a Solvent Recycler

  • A solvent recycler that comes with a solvent purity guarantee
  • A solvent recycler that distills by temperature, not time
  • A distillation column that has highly engineered column packing made of stainless steel
Distillation Column

What to Avoid in a Solvent Recycler

  • Recyclers that distill by time – they tend to give inconsistent quality recycled solvent
  • Recyclers that use homemade column packing made of steel that can rust

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