Cannabinoid Distillation – What Comes Out of the Spinning Band System?

by Paul on November 7, 2018

Spinning band distillation separates the cannabis oil extract according to the boiling points of the components.

Cold Trap Filled

Mono-terpenes have the lowest boiling points, so they are collected first.  They can be found in the cold trap receiver due to their low boiling points.

Residual ethanol is collected next in the fraction collector followed by the higher boiling  terpenes.  Each of these can be collected in their own receiver by rotating the fraction collector to the next receiver.

The ability to recover the terpenes may be an important feature of the spinning band distillation system.  The value of the terpenes will depend on factors like, time from harvest to extraction and the extraction method.

Carousel Filled

Once all the terpenes are distilled the THC/CBD fraction will start to come over.  This is the stuff you’ve been waiting for.  The color of the THC distillate is strongly influenced by the extraction process and any post extraction treatments.

When the last of the THC/CBD is collected, the distillation is stopped.  The boiling flask typically has less than 2% cannabinoids. Cannabinoid waste is kept to a bare minimum through the efficiency of spinning band distillation.

The high quality components of our 9200 spinning band system make distillation of cannabinoids easy and efficient. Our users consistently get the highest purities with the least effort.

Actual CDB

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