Compare Spinning Band Distillation With Wiped Film Distillation

by Paul on November 8, 2018

Spinning Band Distillation

Spinning Band Distillation Table

Spinning Band Distillation Illustration

Spinning band distillation offers a high efficiency distillation column that can produce 90+% cannabinoid distillate in a single pass. A single pass distillation means you’ll spend a lot less time distilling.   Operation is streamlined.

The spinning band acts as dynamic packing.  Condensed oils are pumped back down the column while pure vapors rise unimpeded. The result is the highest purity oil in the shortest possible time.

The integrated software allows automatic control of the distillation system. Variables like vacuum level, heat rate, bath temperature, and more are programmed and automatically controlled. Distillation results are logged and graphed.

With a few optional items you can even run the system remotely. Ask us how!

Wiped Film Distillation

Wiped Film Distillation Table

Wiped Film Distillation Illustration

Wiped film has a very low separating power for distilling cannabis oil. Vapors travel only a very short distance before they are condensed. Vapors cannot become highly enriched over the short distance. This limits

the maximum purity.

Wiped film can also require 3 passes to reach 80%+ purity range. 3 passes means a slow distillation rate and lots of operator time. A cleaning run is required between each pass adding even more time and complexity to the distillation process.

Operating wiped film requires setting and monitoring many different valves, gauges, heated zones (up to 6), flow rates, and receiver levels. Keeping this complex, manual operation going smoothly requires constant attention from an experienced operator.

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  • I would like to get more information on this michine please send me pricing and I will buy one of them.


  • Hello :),

    what kind of temperatures, vacuum and spinning band rotation speed would you prefer for spinning band distillation to get a high purity from delta9THC or CBD out of cruide cannabis extract?

    Would you evacuate the spinning band system with nitrogen or argon, before distillate the cruide cannabis extract to prevent degradation from delta 9 THC to CBN or delta 8 THC?

    Thank you in advance for your answer

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