Cannabis oil extraction

Cannabis Oil Extraction – Crude Oil Extraction   Consumption of cannabis has shifted over the years from smoking the plant to the use of concentrated cannabinoid oils.  Vaping, dabbing, and edibles are becoming the most popular ways to use cannabis oil. These oils which are rich in THC and CBD are made by extracting the […]

Why Distill Crude Oil on a Lab Scale?

Not all Crude Oil is the Same. How can you do Quality Control? Refineries buy large volumes of crude oil. But when a 500,000 barrel tanker arrives, how do they know they are getting what they paid for?  How do they know that it hasn’t been mixed or “cut” with low value compounds to increase […]

butane trap for D2892

Butane Collection for True Boiling Point Distillation – ASTM D2892 Butane is a component of crude oil that boils well below room temperature.  Its low boiling point requires special receivers to prevent loss of butane from the system. The receivers are cooled with dry ice or a cold finger style cooling system. There will either […]

Vacuum Pot Still: ASTM D5236 for Distillation of Heavy Hydrocarbons

Vacuum Pot Still (VPS) The vacuum pot still distills crude oil residue from 370 ºC up to 565 ºC.  D5236 is the ASTM test number. It is most commonly used to distill the residue from ASTM D2892 true boiling point test. There are four sizes of distillation column shown in the table below with corresponding […]

Vacuum pot still (VPS), D5236 distillation of heavy residue

Lab-scale Crude Oil Distillation Distillation of crude oil in the laboratory models what happens in the refinery.  The results of the lab-scale distillation predicts the quantity and quality of each distilled product from the refinery.  This information is used to choose the best crude oils for a refinery at the best price. The refinery distills […]

D2892 mesh wire packing

True boiling point distillation has distillation column packing that has 15 theoretical plates of efficiency. Many different types of packing are currently available. There are two main categories of packing. Structured and random packing.   Pro-Pak The most popular type of distillation column packing used is called Pro-Pak. Pro-Pak is made by the Cannon Instrument […]

wiped film distillation for THC distillate

Spinning Band Distillation Spinning band distillation offers a high efficiency distillation column that can produce 90+% cannabinoid distillate in a single pass. A single pass distillation means you’ll spend a lot less time distilling.   Operation is streamlined. The spinning band acts as dynamic packing.  Condensed oils are pumped back down the column while pure vapors rise […]

THC Distillate Fraction Collector

Spinning band distillation separates the cannabis oil extract according to the boiling points of the components.     Mono-terpenes have the lowest boiling points, so they are collected first.  They can be found in the cold trap receiver due to their low boiling points. Residual ethanol is collected next in the fraction collector followed by […]

Bellows in a spinning band distillation column

Those “things” near bottom of the spinning band distillation column are called bellows.  They function as a flexible expansion joint.  Glass is normally anything but flexible and these bellows are engineered to allow the expansion and contraction over the length of the column. Distillations start at room temperature and goes up to the distillation temperature […]

Inside the distillation of cannabis oil

The spinning band distillation column has a vacuum jacket (like a thermos) to minimize heat loss through the distillation column wall.  The evacuated jacket disrupts heat conduction due to the lack of air (only 10-7 mmHg !). The vacuum jacket has a silver coating on the inside to reflect any radiant heat. Combined with the […]