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Does Solvent Recycling Make Cents…Dollars?

Q: My boss wants our lab to start recycling solvents. How do I know if it makes financial sense? Solvent recycling saves money! That’s the main driving force for recycling. A common gauge of the cost savings is a payback analysis. This shows how long it will take before a recycler has paid for itself […]

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How much does it cost to operate a Solvent Recycler?

With a 20 liter (5 gallon) recycler you can easily recycler 5000 to 10000 liters (1300 to 2700 gallons) of solvent in a year. Typical operating costs to recycle 10000 liters of solvent would be about $200, or about $0.02 USD per liter ($0.07 USD per gallon). It’s a great idea to understand all of […]

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