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Not all Crude Oil is the Same. How can you do Quality Control? Refineries buy large volumes of crude oil. But when a 500,000 barrel tanker arrives, how do they know they are getting what they paid for?  How do they know that it hasn’t been mixed or “cut” with low value compounds to increase […]

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Vacuum Pot Still (VPS) The vacuum pot still distills crude oil residue from 370 ºC up to 565 ºC.  D5236 is the ASTM test number. It is most commonly used to distill the residue from ASTM D2892 true boiling point test. There are four sizes of distillation column shown in the table below with corresponding […]

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Lab-scale Crude Oil Distillation Distillation of crude oil in the laboratory models what happens in the refinery.  The results of the lab-scale distillation predicts the quantity and quality of each distilled product from the refinery.  This information is used to choose the best crude oils for a refinery at the best price. The refinery distills […]

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