No Leaks – No Streaks – No Smell

by Paul on December 5, 2018

Tired of chasing vacuum leaks, streaks and residual terpene smell in your THC distillate?

Try spinning band distillation on your crude extract.


no leaks with o-ring jointsNo leaks

Stop chasing vacuum leaks and using globs of messy vacuum grease (vacuum grease is not food grade).  Spinning band distillation uses o-ring joints that are vacuum tight with every use.  You’ll reach lower vacuum levels and no vacuum grease is required.  You’ll be less stressed and have more time now that you’re not chasing vacuum leaks and cleaning up messy vacuum grease.



No Streaks

Optically clear THC distillateStreaks in THC distillate are a sign of a lower purity(value) concentrate.  Streaking results from incomplete separation of terpenes and volatiles from the cannabinoid fraction.  It is most commonly seen in distillate from short path and wiped film distillations.  By distilling over and over, short path and wiped film distillation systems can attain “streak free” THC distillate but at the cost of performing 3 passes or more.

Spinning band has a high efficiency distillation column that can separate terpenes/volatiles from THC distillate in one pass.  Beautifully clear THC distillate in one pass.  No streaking!


Terepens from THCNo smell

If THC distillate smells chances are not all the terpenes have been removed.  Streaking and smell have the same root cause in cannabinoid distillates.  Like streaking, it results from using low efficiency distillation systems leading to incomplete separation.  Spinning band can removed all of these contaminants in a single pass for odorless THC distillate.

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