Service Department

by B/R Instrument

Service Manager: James H. Taylor

Customer Service: Sheila Brittingham

Phone: +1.410.820.8800

Fax: +1.410.820.8141


Our service department is here to help you with any questions regarding the operation or maintenance of your B/R equipment. We can provide technical support for your equipment in the following ways:

Phone/Fax/Email Support - B/R offers technical support by phone, fax or email. Most questions or problems are resolved quickly with a single correspondence.

Service Contracts - Maintenance agreements are available on all of the equipment sold by B/R Instrument. These are a cost effective means of keeping equipment in working order all year round.

Inservice Training - If you or your staff needs additional training on the operation or routine maintenance of the equipment, B/R can provide on-site training. A B/R representative will come to your facility and show you the things you need to know about your equipment while working with your equipment.

Preventative Maintenance Inspections - Why not have a B/R service technician come to your facility and perform preventative maintenance? Your distillation system will be given a thorough inspection and tune-up. We will leave your equipment in optimum operating condition.

On-Site Service Calls - B/R can dispatch a knowledgeable service technician to your site to resolve any problem with your B/R equipment.

Global Service Access - If you have B/R equipment and are outside of the USA, please contact us. Most problems can be solved by fax or email. We also have a global network of service engineers that can assist you if needed.

GC Analysis - B/R is equipped with gas chromatographs to check the purity of your purchased, used and recycled solvents. This service is offered free of charge once per year to our customers. There is a fee for analyzing samples more frequently. Many customers use this service as a secondary quality control check on their new and recycled solvents.

Service/Operation Manuals - Do you need a service or operation manual? Additional copies can be purchased. Contact us for more details.

Parts - Do you need a part and don't know the part number? Our friendly customer service will be happy to help you find what you need or can help you place an order.

Other Services - B/R can provide other services upon customer request. Please contact James H. Taylor, the B/R Service Manager for details.

How are we doing? Please feel free to correspond via Phone: 410.820.8800, Fax: 410-820-8141 or Email: to let us know your comments.

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