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In 1966, Roger Roark, Sr. and Harry Brown, Jr. started B/R Instrument. The initials B and R come from the two last names of the founders Brown and Roark. In the early years, the company made general glassware. In 1968, the company received permission to make spinning band distillation systems under a DuPont patent. Since then the company has grown steadily in the distillation and laboratory equipment markets.

B/R Instrument Facility
B/R Instrument Today

Our company's primary mission is to be a leading manufacturer and distributor of distillation equipment throughout the world.

Our company is located on the beautiful Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay in Easton Maryland USA. Our facility is 14,700 square feet (1,370 square meters) and houses manufacturing, sales, engineering, service and administration for the company.


The sales staff distributes B/R Instrument's products throughout the USA and the world, primarily through direct sales, internet sales and sales by independent distributors.

For sales or service, contact us at contactus@brinstrument.com


The company employs a service staff capable of performing installation, maintenance and service of all the equipment we manufacture. See our Service section for more information.


Our company has a wide variety of manufacturing capabilities including glassblowing, welding, machining, and electronics assembly. We also do OEM work.


The company has a full engineering staff whose capabilities include PC board design and layout, software programming, and mechanical engineering. All of our products are engineered and supported on site.

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