800 Micro Crude Oil Distillation

by B/R Instrument

The 800 fractional micro distillation system can fractionate small crude oil samples into well separated fractions.

  • 10-100 ml Samples Sizes
  • 15 Theoretical Plates (great separating power)
  • Distill from IBP to Highest Boiling Temperature in a Single Distillation Column
  • Low Column Hold-Up (less than 0.5 ml)
  • Low Column Back Pressure
Column Length Diameter Plates Standard Flasks
800 Spinning Band 20 cm 7mm 15 (Metal Spinning Band) 10, 15, 25, 50 and 100ml
800 Fractional Micro Distillation
Automation and Accessories:

Many optional accessories are available for the micro crude oil distillation system including:

  • Automatic Fraction Collector
  • Automatic Vacuum Control
  • PC Control
  • Heating/Cooling Bath
  • Heated Column Jacket (Automatically Controlled)
  • Many Others
Automatic Fraction Collector
Microprocessor Controller

The microprocessor minimizes the amount of operator time required for each crude oil distillation. Call up your stored program from one of 19 available memory locations and let the microprocessor perform the crude oil distillation. Each program can store up to eight distillation fractions. Each fraction has programmable open and close temperature cut points, heat rates, reflux ratio and equilibration times. Programmable shut down at the end of the distillation run. The microprocessor allows easy editing of each of the parameters while the distillation is in progress.

PC Control also available.

Fractional Distillation Graph
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