Dabtown’s Distillate Hack #1: Emptying Receivers

Before you read this very cool hack please understand that there are more than a few ways this can go wrong.  This blog post does not purport address all the possible safety concerns associated with its use.  Consult your safety officer for full professional guidance.

High purity THC/CBD distillate will be very viscous. If it is cold enough it will become a glassy solid that will not flow. Emptying the receivers often requires a way to heat the distillate up just enough so that it is able to be poured without overheating it.

The receivers are full of ~90% cannabinoids and in the presence of oxygen and heat, they can potentially degrade. Here are some tricks from Dabtown Dylan of Lucid Oils.



A microwave is an inexpensive way to carefully and homogeneously add heat. The microwaves are able to penetrate the whole sample evenly and the glass is not being directly heated.*

There is still the possibility of overheating the THC/CBD distillate, so Dabtown doesn’t heat for more than 30 seconds at a time and no more than 45 seconds total.

*Microwave ovens should be for lab use only and never used to heat food or drink.  We are also pretty sure that operating a microwave on its side is not part of any lab’s best practices policy.  Read and follow your microwave oven’s instructions.

Emptying the Receivers

Whether you are preparing for a second pass or just need to fill some vape cartridges, getting your distillate out comes first! Be careful not to pour the distillate out all at once! It can form a large glob that can quickly overwhelm the mouth of whatever containing you are using.



  1. When I put my distillate in vegetable oil and mix it up, do I need to put the oil/distillate mix in the microwave and heat it or is it ready to go?


    1. To get a good mix, you will need to heat it up. Microwaving in short bursts is an easy way to get it warmed.


  2. I have a liter of distillate and I’m trying to make carts. What is the best way to heat up a whole liter of distillate?


    1. Vacuum ovens work great as they will help pull air bubbles out of your oil from pouring. A double boiler if you are really worrried about heat or just a heat gun and some patience work too.

      As always, be careful about heating glass directly! Cracking a mason jar into a couple gallons of water makes for a much longer day!



      1. How long should I keep the distillate in the double boiler? and what setting on my stove should I use? because I don’t have a hot plate stirrer or a vacuum oven. I plan on investing in one of those products in the future.


  3. After filling your carts with the distillate and terps mixed. how long should I wait before testing out the quality of the cart?


    1. I like to wait until I see the level drop slightly. As it absorbs into the wick/coil, the level should go down slightly.


  4. What would happen if I cooked dabs in the oven


    1. It would probably melt, decarb, and lose some terpenes/flavor. THC will be fine for the most part though. Don’t use too much heat.


  5. I have an oz in a pyrex. Is it better to microwave or put it on the hotplate?


    1. Hotplate or oven. If you do use microwave, use 15-30 second bursts.


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