Why a B/R Mini Fractional Crude Oil Distillation System?

Mini Fractional Crude Oil Distillation 2There are so many reasons to choose a B/R Mini Crude Oil Distillation System. Here are a few.

Unique Distillation System

  • Specifically designed to distill crude oil

  • 50 to1000 ml sample size

  • Very Low Hold Up - essential for small samples

  • Very Low Back Pressure

  • Distill from IBP to over 500 °C in a single column

Spinning Band Crude Oil Distillation Spinning Band Distillation

  • High effeciency in a short column

  • Very pure fractions

  • Spinning band's mechanical action is ideal for distilling viscous fractions

Crude Oil Distillation Turn KeyTurn key system - Includes everything needed to distill crude oil. All you need is a sample and an operator.

ASTM D1160 PCPC Control - makes operation easy and automatic. Maintains a complete, permanent record of every distillation.

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