ASTM D1160 Vacuum Distillation

ASTM D1160 Vacuum Distillation Fully Automatic AASTM D1160 vacuum distillation is an important test for diesel, biodiesel and a variety of high boiling petroleum products. B/R offers 3 levels of automation for D1160. All models are easy to use and are turnkey systems. They arrive with everything needed to distill your samples.

Full Product Range- find the level of automation that is right for you
Easy To Use - Easy to Maintain - The straightforward design makes D1160 distillation easy to operate and maintain. All components are easily accessible. Brand name components are of the highest quality and give you more choices for maintennce and support.

D1160 UpgradeableUpgradeable - Semi-automatic and manually operated vacuum distillation units are fully upgradeable. Move up to a higher level of automation when when your need or budget increases.
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