Manually Operated ASTM D1160 Specifications

by B/R Instrument

Manual Control of Distillation including:
  • Distillation rate adjusted with manual heat control
  • Vacuum level adjusted with manual control valve
  • Receiver/condenser temperatures set on bath
Operator manually records
  • First drop (IBP)
  • Vapor temperature, pot temperature, vacuum level and distillation rate at 5%, 10%, 20%....volume and final boiling point (FBP)
Boiling Flask/Heating Mantle
  • 500 ml
  • Borosilicate or quartz
  • High wattage heating mantle
  • Insulating top
Distillation Column
  • According ASTM specifications
  • Vertical viewing window for easy viewing
  • Highly reflective vacuum jacket
  • Adjustable vapor temperature probe
First Drop Detector
  • Automatically detects and records the first drop (IBP)
Receiver/Volume Measurement
  • Programmable receiver temperature
Circulating Bath
  • Programmable
  • 30-100°C Standard
  • Optional -10 to 100 °C
  • Low liquid cut off
  • Over temperature cut off
Vacuum Operation
  • Manually operated control valve
Vacuum Components
  • 100-1 mmHg range standard (MKS)
  • Optional 760-100 mmHg range (MKS)
  • Optional 1-0.1 mmHg range (MKS)
  • Control valve (MKS)
  • Vacuum pump (Edwards)
Cold Trap
  • Cooling by dry ice
  • Optional automatic cooler, -60 °C
  • Graduated
  • Easy access
  • Easy to see contents
  • Easy to remove contents
  • 91.5 cm x 94 cm x 53 cm (H x W x D)
Power (Distillation Unit Only)
  • 10 amps 220 VAC
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