B/R Instrument 9600 Petroleum Distillation System

fractional petroleum distillation by B/R InstrumentThis high efficiency, fractional distillation system is an ideal tool for automatically distilling a wide variety of petroleum samples. Common applications include:

  • Bio-diesel Distillation
  • Condensate Distillation
  • Middle Distillate Distillation
  • Crude Oil Distillation
  • High Boiling Materials
  • Many More

This high efficiency distillation system can be equipped with two different types of distillation columns, spinning band columns and packed columns.

Column Specifications:

Packed Column DistillationSpinning Band Distillation Column
Application High throughput High maximum AET Vapor Temperature
Boiler Range 1-2000 liters 1-50 liters
Theoretical Plates 15-45 20
Column Element Packing –Random, structured or real plates. Spinning Band
Maximum AET vapor temperature 400 °C 500+ °C
Column Diameter 25 mm – 150 mm 21 mm

fractional distillation packed column 1Automatic Controller (Optional PC Interface)

The automatic controller minimizes the amount of operator time required for each distillation. Select your stored distillation program and let the controller perform the distillation. Collect up to 8 fractions. Each fraction has programmable:

  • Open Temperature
  • Close Temperature
  • Heat Rate
  • Reflux Ratio
  • Programmable shut down at end of distillation

Each distillation program has a programmable

  • Vacuum level
  • Maximum Boiler temperature (safety feature)
  • Equilibration Time

The controller allows easy editing of parameters while the distillation is in progress. Or run the distillation from a PC.

Fractional Distillation GraphOr run the distillation from a PC.

Optional Accessories:
  • Automatic Fraction Collector
  • Automatic Vacuum Control
  • Heating/Cooling Bath
  • PC Control
  • Many Other Options

Vacuum Regulation System

fractional distillation vacuum systemPetroleum products that have high boiling points should be distilled at reduced pressures. The VAC-1000 is a complete, stand alone, vacuum system that can provide regulated vacuum to any distillation system. It features a 5 decade pressure sensor, control valve, cold trap, vacuum pump, all mounted on a roll around cart for easy maneuverability in the laboratory.

Automatic Fraction Collectors

Two, four and 8 place fraction collectors are available to direct distilled material to the desired receiver. Allows distilled fractions to be collected unattended. Various size receivers are available.

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