Lab Scale High Efficiency Fractional Distillation

by B/R Instrument

Purifying Flavors, Fragrances, Natural Products, and Essential Oils (1 to 50 liters)

The 9600 fractional distillation apparatus is ideal for purifying flavors, fragrances, natural products and essential oils in the 1 to 500 liter range (larger sizes are available upon request).

Key features include:
High purity

The 50 theoretical plate fractional distillation column can produce high purity distillates. For flavors, fragrances, natural products and essential oils, even small increases in purity can translate to large increases in value.

9600 Rack High Purity
Low "hold up"

The spinning band distillation column has less than 1.5 milliliters remaining behind in the column after the distillation is complete. This means that the smallest amount of valuable material possible is lost in the purification process.

Low pressure drop

The spinning band distillation column has virtually no pressure drop from the top to the bottom compared to a packed column. This can be a big advantage when distilling delicate samples that decompose easily when heated too high.


The 9600 fractional distillation system can be fully automated. Once the desired parameters are programmed, the distillation proceeds without any operator intervention, freeing up valuable operator time to perform other important work.

The 9600 spinning band fractional distillation system features:
  • All Glass and Teflon Components
  • 50 Theoretical Plate Distillation Column (maximum at atmosphere)
  • 1 to 50 liter boiler capacities
  • Automatic and Manually Operated Distillation Systems

Spinning band fractional distillation systems are used for applications that require the highest purity product possible.


Column Length Diameter Plates Flask Sizes
9600 Spinning Band 90 cm 21 mm 50 (Teflon Band) 1, 5, 12, 22 and 50 liter
The 9600 packed column distillation system features:
  • 15-20 Theoretical Plate Distillation Column (maximum at atmosphere)
  • 1 to 500 liter boiler capacities
  • A variety of packing materials
  • Automatic and Manually Operated fractional distillation systems

Traditional packed distillation columns are used for applications that require high distillation rates or that require boiler sizes larger than 50 liters. A variety of distillation column packing types are available including various random and structured packing. Packing materials can be made of metal, ceramic or glass.

essential oil distillation by B/R Instrument
Column Diameter Plates Boiler Sizes
9600 Packed Column 25 to 100 mm 15-30 1 to 500 liters
Automation and Accessories

All our fractional distillation systems are available in fully automatic or manually operated models. Manually operated fractional distillation systems are inexpensive and simple to operate. Automatic models are microprocessor controlled. All the fractional distillation functions are fully automated to make the distillation process easy and efficient from beginning to end.

Automatic Controller (Optional PC Interface)

The automatic controller minimizes the amount of operator time required for each distillation. Select your stored distillation program and let the controller perform the distillation. Collect up to 8 fractions. Each fraction has programmable:

  • Open Temperature
  • Close Temperature
  • Heat Rate
  • Reflux Ratio
  • Programmable shut down at end of distillation

Each distillation program has a programmable:

  • Vacuum level
  • Maximum Boiler temperature (safety feature)
  • Equilibration Time

The controller allows easy editing of parameters while the distillation is in progress. Or run the distillation from a PC.

Automatic and Manually Operated Fraction Collectors

Two, four and eight place fraction collectors are available to direct distilled material to the desired receiver. Automated versions allow distilled fractions to be collected unattended. Manually operated versions are also available. Various size receivers are available in glass, stainless steel and plastic.

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