Minifraktionierung Technische Daten

Distillation Column Diameter 8 mm Diameter Provides Maximum Separating Power
Distillation Column Length 90 cm Long Column Provides Maximum Separation
Distillation Column Jacket Vacuum Jacket and Silvered “Mirror” Prevents Heat Loss from Distillation Column (Adiabatic)
Condenser Jacket Style High Surface Area for Efficient Condensing
Secondary Condenser Cools Distillate Further Before Going to Receiver Distillate in Receiver is Close to Room Temperature
Boiler Heater Electrical Clean, Safe Heating of Boiler
Boiler Sizes 100, 250, 500 and 1000 ml Available in Glass for Easy Viewing of Sample
Boiler Stirring Standard Promotes Even Boiling and Gentle Heat Transfer
Spinning Band Types Teflon-Operates up to 225 °C Stainless Steel – Operates Above 225 °C High Efficiency and High Temperature Bands
Maximum Theoretical Plates Teflon Band – 200
Stainless Steel - 85
Automatically Cools and Heats Condenser
Condensing Bath Optional Circulating Bath
  • Bath33 0-40 °C
  • Bath140 -20 to 100 °C
Automatically Cools and Heats Condenser
Fraction Collector 8 Place is Standard Automatically Collect Fractions According to Vapor Temperature
Vacuum Operation Optional Vacuum System
  • 100-1 mmHg Range
  • Other Ranges Available
Automatic Control of Vacuum Level.Vacuum Reduces Boiling Points. Ideal for Thermally Sensitive Samples or High Boiling Materials
Automatic Controller Provides Automatic Control of the Entire Distillation Process Start the Distillation and Walk Away
PC Optional Control From PC Perform a Distillation from a PC Analyze Distillation Results using our “Data View” Program.
Safety Marks CE Marked Listed to UL 3101-1 by ETL Listed to CSA C22.2 1010.1 by ETL C TICK (Australia/NZ) Safe for Laboratory Use
Power (Distillation Unit Only) 115 V, 15 amps 220 V, 8 amps Configured for Local Power Requirements and with Local Power Plug, 115 or 220 V, 50/60Hz
Other Utilities Required Cooling Water or Circulating Bath For Condenser
Vacuum Distillation
Fraction Collector
Fractional Distillation Apparatus