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5 reasons to recycle solvents

Q: I’ve heard that a lot of histology labs are recycling their xylene, alcohol and formalin. What are some reasons to recycle solvents?

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Purity Table

How Pure Are Recycled Solvents?

The recycled purity can depend a lot on the recycler being used.

With a well-designed recycler you can expect high purity recycled solvents. The table below shows typical purity and concentrations.

A manufacturer should be willing to guarantee the recycled product purity and concentration in writing.

Laboratory Blueprint

How much space is required for solvent recycling?

Q: Our lab is already crowded. Does a recycler take up much space?

Space is always in short supply. Choose a “space efficient” recycler and you are on your way to fitting a recycler in your lab.

Every recycler has a set of written installation requirements that gives details about

Solvent Recycling Steps

Solvent Recycling Step 1
Solvent Recycling Step 2
Solvent Recycling Step 3

Is solvent recycling a lot of work?

If you have 5 minutes a day, you have enough time to recycle your solvents. That may sound like an exaggeration but recycling doesn’t take much time. A good recycler does most of the work for you and it does it automatically. You just need to give it solvent to recycle, push the start button and….that’s it. The recycler does the rest.

Come back later and collect the pure, recycled solvent.

Since the recycler is removing contaminants from your used solvent, you will need to move the waste contaminants to a disposal container. You should set aside a minute per day for this small job.

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