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How long does a Solvent Recycler last?

Q: How many years will a solvent recycler last before it needs replacing?

10 to 15 years or…Longer.

Do you remember your cell phone from 15 years ago?

Alcohol Filtering

Do filter based solvent recyclers work?

Q: Do filter based recyclers work?

Yes and no….mostly no.

There are commercial filter recyclers available for alcohol and formalin. There is not filter recycler for xylene on the market.

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What Utilites do I need to operate solvent recycling equipment?

Older solvent recyclers worked great but used condensers cooled by water.

Today’s solvent recyclers use condensers cooled by air. So no water or drain is required.

You win because the workplace is safer. Non-toxic Symbol
The environment wins because you’ve cut your waste solvent generation by 95%. Eco-friendly Symbol
The facility wins because you are saving money Savings Symbol

Can I recycle Xylene substitutes?

Q: Our lab wants to switch to xylene substitutes. Can they be recycled?

Actually, xylene substitutes are easier to recycle than xylene. Their higher boiling points make it easier to separate from the contaminants.

9700 ProCycler Xylene

How many times can I recycle a solvent?

A well-designed recycler can recycle a solvent forever!

Solvent used for tissue processing or staining becomes contaminated with stain, water, fat, protein, wax, and biological materials during use.

The recycling process removes these contaminants from the good solvent. Reuse of the solvent is unlimited since it is brought back to the original purity each time it is recycled.

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