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Should recycled solvents smell fishy?

Q: I’ve heard some recycled solvents smell fishy. Is there a way to avoid that?

Bad smelling solvent is an unpleasant problem but it’s easy to avoid.

Recycled Solvent Purity Test

Q: How do I know my recycled solvents are pure?

You can use the following quick tests to check the purity of the recycled solvents.

The Graduated Cylinder Test is a simple way to check xylene for alcohol impurities. Mix together 85 ml or xylene and 15 ml of water. If the water layer grows, then the xylene is not pure. It’s that simple.

Xylene Recycling Image

Q: Does a recycler need special ventilation?

No, most recyclers do not require special ventilation or a special room.

Solvent recyclers are closed systems – no special ventilation needed.

Solvent recyclers are closed systems. The distillation process is safely contained inside the all metal recycler. There is no place for the solvent to escape, so no additional ventilation needed.

Xylene Recycling Image
Rinse Cycle Image
Alcohol Recycling Image

No rinse cycle

Q: If I am recycling more than one solvent in a recycler, how do I avoid cross contamination between the solvents?

After making your solvents nice and clean in the recycler, you don’t want to contaminate them with another solvent.

Xylene Recycling Image

How do I fill my recycler?

Most recyclers have more than one way to fill them. You can choose the fill method that fits your lab.

Solvent Recycler vs Disposal Costs

Does Solvent Recycling make cents...dollars?

Q: My boss wants our lab to start recycling solvents. How do I know if it makes financial sense?

Solvent recycling saves money! That’s the main driving force for recycling.

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