Semi Automatic Crude Oil Distillation

crude oil distillation apparatusThis semi-automatic crude oil distillation system has a lot of automation at an affordable price. Perform ASTM D2892 or D5236 or both tests in the same unit. Pick your distillation column(s) and boiling flask sizes and B/R will custom build a system for you.

PC Control and Automation

The PC control and automation make this semi-automatic crude oil distillation system easy to operate. Create a simple distillation program and the PC will automatically

  • Fractional Distillation GraphControl Vacuum
  • Collect Fractions
  • Control Reflux Ratio
  • Control Condenser Temperature
  • Record All Temperatures and System Parameters every 30 seconds in a permanent computer log.


Distillation Fraction CollectorWe have decades of experience in distillation and control (since 1966). There are generations of safety features incorporated into this crude oil distillation system including:

  • Operator Safety Reminders at Beginning of Distillation
  • Polycarbonate doors to protect the operator
  • Self sealing system in case of power failure
  • Automatic Pot Over-temperature Shutdown
  • And many more safety features

Specifications for D2892 Packed Columns (True Boiling Point)

Distillation Column Efficiency: 15 Theoretical Plates

Vacuum Range: 100 to 1 mmHg

Packing Types: Propak, Helipak, Structured Packing (other packing available on request)

semi automatic crude oil distillationPot Sizes: 1 to 100 liters

Specifications for D5236 Vacuum Pot Still

Vacuum Range: 100 to 0. 1 mmHg

Pot Sizes: 2 to 22 liters

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