Cellulostic Fuel Distillation

B/R Instrument makes distillation equipment, fractional distillation, petroleum distillation, crude oil distillation, solvent recycling units and solvent recyclersFractional distillation can seprate cellulosic fuel into its various components (fractions). These distillation systems are perfect for research or small scale production. There a 3 products available for cellulosic fuel distillation.

9600 fractional distillation system can distill anywhere from 1 to 300 liters of cellulosic fuel into fractions. This model is available in spinning band or packed column configurations.

36-100 mini fractional distillation system can distill in the range of 50 to 1000 ml. This is great for situations where a small amount of cellulosic fuel is available for distillation.

800 micro fractional distillation system can distill samples of 10 to 100 ml. It is ideal for distilling tiny sample sizes generated from experimental desulfurization or catalytic processes.

These cellulosic fuell distillation systems are available with various optional accessories such as::

  • Vacuum system for reduced pressure distillation of biodiesel allows distillation at higher temperatures.
  • Fraction collector automatically collects distillate by temperature fractions for easy operation.
  • Circulating bath to automatically cools the condenser.
  • Optional control from PC allows complete record of all distillation data.
  • Manually operated biodiesel distillation systems available for those on a tight budget
  • Many more options availible


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