Recycling Ethanol using 9600-90

Ethanol is widely used as a solvent, dehydrant and a cleaning fluid.

It is commonly contaminated with water, grease and oil.

The 9600-90 is a good choice for recycling Ethanol waste. Key features are:

  • All glass and Teflon contact surfaces.
  • High efficiency distillation. Get back Laboratory grade Ethanol
  • Completely automatic. Push start and walk away.
  • Safe! CE marked

Recycling Program: 9600-90 Spinning Band Distillation System

Ethanol Image 1 Ethanol Image 2
Name: Ethanol
Formula: C2H60
Boiling Point (Pure Ethanol): 78.2 °C Boiling Point
Azeotrope with water 96% Ethanol 4% Water: 78.2°C Boiling Point
Waste Composition Ethanol 64%
Water 36%
Ethanol Fraction 80.0 – 81.0 °C
Reflux Ratio 5:1
Typical Distillation Rate 0.8 liters per hour
Typical Recovery 70% Recovered
Typical Purity Azeotropic Mixture
96% Ethanol
4% Water
Distillation System with Operator
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