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Industry Leader in Laboratory Distillation Equipment

CBN is a cannabinoid that is less psychoactive than THC. It is an oxidized form of THC that is known for its sedative effects. We get many questions about the presence of CBN in distilled oil. CBN naturally occurs in cannabis.  Typical concentrations in refined oils are 1.5% or less . Concentrations of 4% or more […]

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O-Ring joints eliminate vacuum leaks and vacuum grease

Vacuum grease  B/R spinning band systems are equipped with o-ring joints. O-ring joints are awesome! They make vacuum tight seals without the use of vacuum grease.Finding vacuum leaks is time consuming and frustrating. O-ring joints make such good seals that having a vacuum leak will be rare. The o-ring sits in a polished grove on the male […]

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Vacuum Grease is not “Food Grade” for THC/CBD Distillates

Short path and wiped film distillation systems use connections called taper joints that require vacuum grease in order to make a vacuum tight seal. Taper joints also have the tendency to seize up! Pulling two pieces of stuck glass apart can be a nerve wracking task. Taper joints also make these distillation systems prone to […]

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