Make THC distillates with spinning band distillation

Short Path Distillation – Just Getting Started Short path distillation is an entry level system for making THC distillate from crude extract.¬† Its simplicity and low cost make it attractive to those new to making distillates.¬† Making THC distillate with the short path is exciting at first but in time the excitement can turn to […]

Decarbing Cannabis Oil: THCA to THC

Decarboxylation, AKA Decarbing, is the process of spontaneously converting THC-A to THC with heat (approximately 80-90 C).¬† During decarbing THC-A is converted to THC when the carboxylic acid group on THC-A is removed liberating a CO2 molecule leaving THC behind. Decarbing is important because THC-A is not psychoactive, but THC is. Other cannabinoids like CBD […]

fewer passes on the SBD of THC Distillate

Spinning Band Distillation Fewer passes = Faster distillation¬†+ Higher Purity + Easier Cleaning   Throughput for a wiped film system is slower since: 3 passes are required 3 cleaning cycles are required decarbing is a separate step oil must be stripped of ethanol before distilling final purity is less than with a spinning band system […]