How do I fill my recycler?

by brblog on July 11, 2019

Q: How do I fill my recycler?

Most recyclers have more than one way to fill them. You can choose the fill method that fits your lab.

Direct fill – One pour and done!

Directly filling the boiler is our favorite because it involves the least handling of the waste.

If you weren’t recycling you would pour the waste solvent into a disposal drum. With direct fill, you are pouring the waste into the boiler instead. You are transferring the solvent waste just once.

Direct Fill

Some boilers are on wheels so that you can roll them to the tissue processor or stainer and fill the boiler as you remove the used solvent. Once full, roll the boiler back to the recycler, connect and press start.

To minimize handling of solvent waste, look for a recycler with a boiler on wheels that has direct access for filling.

Gravity Filling

Gravity fill

If you collect your used solvent in a carboy, you can use gravity to fill the boiler.

  • Place the full container of used solvent on the shelf
  • Connect to the recycler
  • Press start

The fill valve will automatically open drain the used solvent carboy into the boiler before starting the recycling process.

If you want to use gravity fill, look for a recycler with a filter built into the carboy. The filter will remove bits and pieces that might clog the fill valve.

Also, look for a recycler with a low fill shelf. You shouldn’t need to lift the fill contain too high. The used solvent carboy should never be above head level. Nobody wants flammable solvent over their head.


Pumping the used solvent into the boiler is another option.

Pump Fill

The recycler should automatically pump the used solvent from the collection carboy directly into the boiler.

If you like this method, look for a recycler the pumps used solvent directly into the boiler. Choose recyclers that use safe pumps that are non sparking and powered by DC voltage.

Q: Is there a fill method that I should avoid?

We recommend avoiding recyclers that combine pumping and gravity feed.

We have seen recyclers that pump used solvent into a carboy and then gravity fill the boiler. Combining two fills systems means that it takes twice as long to fill and there is twice as many moving parts. Avoid this type of fill system and you will save time and trouble.

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