Software and Automation for the Distillation of Cannabinoids

Automate It!

The B/R 9200 spinning band distillation system is automated.  Shouldn’t everything be automated?

Automation takes the guesswork out of distilling and reduces operator errors.  Get higher quality product and avoid costly mistakes.  Even monitor the distillation remotely.

Automatically control:

  • Heating
  • Condenser temperature
  • Reflux ratio
  • Vacuum level
  • Temperature range for fractions
  • Spinning band
  • Automatic stop at end of distillation


Automation Benefits

  • Less operator time required – Save money on manpower
  • Fewer operator mistakes – Avoid low yields and low potency
  • More precise/repeatable control – More consistent product
  • Remote monitoring – Keep and eye on things while you are off site


You can view the distillation from a smartphone of remote PC using an internet connection and a service like Team Viewer or LogMeIn. Add a few optional items and you can even completely control the system remotely!

And it is NRTL certified.


Log It – Graph It

Graph and log the distillation in real time.  Real time graphs let you monitor the progress of the distillation.  View graphs from previous distillations to compare.


Log and graph

  • Vapor temperature
  • Boiling flask temperature
  • Vacuum level
  • Condenser temperature
  • Reflux ratio
  • Heat rate
  • All settings





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