Spinning Band Distillation Scalability and Upgrading


B/R Cannabiniod distillation systems offer a selection of  boiling flask sizes to fit your needs.  Choose from 1, 2, 3, 5, 12 and 22 liter sizes.

Boiling flasks are interchangeable.


The distillation system can grow along with your company.  Upgrade to larger boiling flasks or move up to a higher throughput spinning band distillation column as business expands (ask about our upgrade kits).  We offer the smaller 21 mm diameter distillation column or the larger 32 mm distillation column.

Parts in Upgrade Kit:

  • Thermowell
  • Sidearm
  • Boiling Flask with joint to match column
  • Distillation column


Upgrade Level of Automation

B/R offers  automatic distillation systems and a manually operated systems.  The manually operated system is about half the price of the automatic system and is ideal for labs that are just getting started.

There is always the option to upgrade the automation when you have increased demand.



The spinning band distillation system gives companies the flexibility to expand batch sizes, throughput and automation to adapt to an expanding business environment without having to buy tons of extra gear.

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